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Mind the Gap
The Eye
So.. where am i now?
Almost half a decade later, I am on a different continent, have an Hons. Degree in Biochemistry, been in three successful (up to a point!) relationships, started learning jiu-jitsu for self defense and am well on my way to be disguised as a responsible adult. When i set out to leave my sunny homeland Island at that precarious time in my life, i set out to do 5 things. They were simple things, achievable by any moderately determined soul. Nonetheless... Four of them i have done and one, am still in the process of doing. The only thing that i have not yet done is to go scuba-diving. I'm still working on it, but to be honest, i don't see it happening any time soon. I have more pressing issues to worry about.
Get a job, stabilise your finances.
I have just graduated, see. And lacking the P.hD scholarship that i worked so hard for in vain and missed out on grounds not pertaining to academic ineptitude or lack of dilligence, i will have to find another means of carrying out my prerogative. READ: Get a research job and work your way up from the inside towards a scholarship. A mere 3% deficiency in academic merit and such pitfalls i encounter. Considering the circumstances, however, i think i have done really well.
Or at least this is what i try to tell myself in moments of doubt and frustration.

But alas, this seemingly minute lack of percentage to acheive a First Class mark is also noticeable and somewhat frowned upon amongst the Scientific-academia. We are judged not leniently for these small differences in merit and indeed i am finding it a slight struggle to find gainful employment.
So this is where i am now. An unemployed Graduate. The irony!
Seems like a short story doesn't it? The best ones are short and leave the readers to their own imagination. But i guess in time i will slowly fill in the gaps. In due time.. as and when i feel the need to interject into my writings, an appropriate encounter or experience.


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