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The little boy that cried wolf..

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Let sleeping dogs lie and rabid dogs be put to slumber.
The Eye
I've just heard news that a certain someone i know has been doing something he or she is not supposed to. It infuriates me because i have talked to this person over and over again lately with indication that i am being understood. It infuriates me when people are so selfish and caught up in their self-destructiveness that they cannot see the people they are hurting. It is fair enough when a person feels a certain way and wants to behave a certain way to find some sort of release from their actions. Everybody needs release. But i lose my patience when the consequences of their behaviour and actions exceed the circumference of their own reality and affect others' negatively.
What to do? I've been told to sit an wait. But to be honest, I feel it is not an easy thing to do. It would seem easier to intoxicate and numb myself into emotional obliteration so i do not feel at all. In fact, it is exactly what I'm going to do.
Yes i DO understand.
And yet there is some sort of barrier or limit to my on state of self-destruction. If nothing else, i would stop hurting myself if i knew the impact it would have on those around me. In the end, one must stop doing things out of the interest of self-preservation. But at least it helps to have some checkpoints along the way. It helps to have signs to tell you when to slow down or stop, if the road is slippery or wet. It helps us,even in our state of bleary-eyed travel, to be aware and wary of impending calamities. Some people i guess do not put up these signs or fail to see them even if they have..

Lack of interest in self-preservation? Quite likely.

What to do? Sit and wait as I'm told.
Sit and wait and let it be.
Wait like times of old.

Yes, somethings don't change,
or not at least, that quickly...

You, yes YOU.

Stop biting off more than you can chew.

We are all here to help.
But the only one who really can is YOU.


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