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The Eye

Wow. Where do i start? Where do i begin? After some, albeit brief, contemplation, I've decided to return to this LJ account i left so long ago (254 weeks according to LJ statistics). I feel some need for release from this pressure i feel building up inside me. Some form of redemption. A creative outlet akin to the purpose of the cheap acoustic guitar i so recently bought.
Perhaps it is an effort too to gather my own thoughts and pen them down so i do not forget them.
Perhaps again, feeling the need to pick up where i left off.
Tell the world of my adventures!
I started of by reading my old entries backward, one by one until i came to the very first.
Mind you, it was no easy task.
Quite a few times my metaphorical shoulders sagged, and almost gave way to the intensities of my past, almost convincing me to throw in the towel and abandon this venture. But with some effort, i managed to finish this brief but intense journey and i am also somewhat pleased to admit that i have. It reminded me where i have been and where i have left off. And should be common knowledge to us all, we can only move forward with proper intent if we remember where we come from.
So the question then.
Where am i now? That, my friends, is not an easy question to answer. Much has happened since then, as much is happening as i type. But i can tell you, for sure and without a doubt, i am in a much better place than i was before.
Though reminiscent darkness never truly goes away. It is just kept in check by the light we seek and choose to let shine in its place.
I thank you for your patience as i try to reiterate my memories (with mild embellishment!), over the ensuing entries.

254 weeks says LJ. Have i been missed, i wonder.

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