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My nephew.
The Eye
I went over to my cousin's house yesterday.I bumped into them in town when i was about and decided to dropby their place when i was done.She bought this mini-kitchen set and my little 1 1/2 year old nephew was at it by the time i got there.Banging plastic pots and pans and making a ruckus in general.Damed cute, putting a plastic potato into the make-believe microwave oven and taking it out again.I told him it was hot and made him wear little mittens that came with the set.At one point of time, i brandished a pair of spatulas like nunchucks and he imitated me, screaming, with his plastic knife.Haha.Of course at that point i realised that maybe it was not such a good thing to demonstrate.Haha.He's of indian and russian descent and very smart for his age.

I took some fotos of him and showed it to him from my digicam, he just pointed and laughed and said Baby!baby!

He's always smiling too.Just watching him can give a semi-jaded adult some hope.

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He's adorable! Me think he's gonna be a woman-magnet when he grows up.

Even more so maybe, now that ive given him exposure on the internet.

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